Where can I buy Kim Kong Kimchi?
You’ll find us at most Whole Foods, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended stores, as well as lots of independent shops. At the moment most of our stockists are in London, but our kimchi-covered tentacles are spreading all the time! You can find a map of everyone that sells Kim Kong Kimchi on our Where to find us page.

I’ve bought a jar of kimchi and it was fizzy when I opened it. Is it still okay?
Some jars and batches are fizzier than others, as kimchi is a living, fermented product – it’s the lactic acid bacteria in kimchi being extra-active at producing carbon dioxide (the bubbles). This doesn’t affect the safety or tastiness of the product.

Keep your jars refrigerated to tame their fizziness and to loosen their lid every now and then (sometimes called ‘burping’ it) to release any small pressure build up.

Am I eating too much kimchi?
Our sales team tell us no.

I really like your kimchi, can I buy it in bulk?
That’s so kind of you! Of course, just email us and we’ll see what we can do.

I got too excited and spilt some kimchi on my shirt. How can I get the stain out?
We understand your pain – there’s few items in our wardrobe that remain unmarked. So far we’ve found that warm water and soap should lift it as long as you act fast, but if you have a better method we’re all ears.
Alternatively, why not just get a new t-shirt? We can get a fabulous Kim Kong Kimchi tee in the post to you, just drop us an email.